• Jess Arsenault

Back 2 School 2020

It's back to school time! Yes, that looks different this year than it has in years past but it's still an exciting and often hectic time. Whether your child is learning remotely, in person or some combination of the two, here are a few tips to help you get off to a great start:

  • Create a Routine Set a daily routine and stick to it. Consider using time "blocks" for general tasks. For example: Breakfast, learning, physical activity, lunch, learning, independent reading, after school activities. By creating a routine using blocks you will have flexibility to choose which subjects/assignments/tasks you will work on within the appropriate block while still following a routine.

  • Create dedicated workspaces It is important that children have a clutter free workspace to focus on their studies. This space should not be on the couch or in front of the television. Even if it is at the kitchen table, having a workspace will help them get into learning mode.

  • Make the most of break and after school time Step away from school mode when you can, enjoy some time outdoors or doing a fun activity together.

  • Expect "Progress not Perfection" Learning looks different for everyone this year. Don't stress out focusing on your child hitting traditional educational benchmarks that will likely shift for everyone. Instead try to stay calm and focus on fostering a love of learning and willingness to learn and explore in new ways.

  • Take advantage of resources Consider joining local parent groups on social media, research local companies that offer assistance with remote learning, and try to connect with other parents in your child's class. Having others to lean on is a key to success in these unprecedented times.

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